First, salaams… Alas! Such were times when the cybersphere teemed with inspired Somali bloggers! Has the slurping tongue of time assailed the old Somali bloggers of yore? Or have they, haggard and burdened by the tales they once told, limped off indignantly into the shadow fringes of obscurity? Nay! I must desist thinking such detestful fate […]

  It’s just The Double that does it for me. Especially the paranoia that engulfs Golyadkin (i’ll call him senior) when a look-alike, and exact double miraculously materialises from thin air and turns up where he works. He suspects there is a very injurous conspirators who now want him to be replaced by his more versatile double. Thus, he must […]

Here I am. Here I am. Here I am. Alot has changed since I last blogged. I have since switched from being a city-boy to a village boy.  And now it only feels right to act like Edward from the League of Gentlemen 😀  Just yesterday morning I went into a local shop and was asked […]

The missed calls from Mogadishu are back again. And every moment my tone-less mobile phone flashes and vibrates, I am thrown into a deep moral and patriotic dilema. Shall I call back the +2521 number or shall I not, is what clouds my mind. It’s simply surprising to learn of the how many thoughts that could come into […]

In the last video, I was present when Saalax Qaasim was recording the songs for a Somali TV in Sweden. I was, for awhile his student of Oud, but had to move away for studies. I remember his warnings about my wanting to learn how to play the Oud. He would say ‘son, with your […]

Hello there, That’s assuming that you’ve not all joined the ‘Dead Bloggers Club’. How are you people? I am certainly good, caaddaasaan marayaa, as my cousins would say. I have been off blogging for sometime now to ‘hoard’ thoughts for a little side project I am working on; a book to be precise. It’s coming along […]

I forgot to wish you all a Happy and fruitful Ramadan! So in a state of haste may I say Ramadan Karim dears. PS: Insha-Allah I will reply to comments when I get the time. Been somewhat occupied lately but all’s good. Gotta run, Tarawiix’s starting in 10

Today alone in – Algeria suicide bombing has claimed 43 lives – Pakistan 23 people were killed in a suicide bombing that took place in a hopistal – Afghanistan, the Taliban have attacked and killed 10 French soldiers kidnapping 2 also killed 1 British soldier – Somalia, 5 people were killed when a military base was […]

A TASTE OF DJIBOUTI MUSIC (Sharaaf Band) She sings: Wadnahayga jacalku (In my heart love has) Wadaduu ka samaystay (Created an in-road Weylaha ka arooree (On which the ’ cattle’ take to waters) Kuwa dhiigga wareeja (The organs circulating blood) Halbowlaha ma waraabshaan (Do not feed the arteries) Shaqadii isla waayoo (Are no longer working […]

I have decided to quit SOL for good. Having my topics deleted because it had my blog as a source link and being told you are advertising your blog is ridiculous really. Quite unacceptable, too. Goodbye friends in SOL.